CIRT: Cyber Incident Response Team

A deadly cyberattack on the organization’s assets perpetrated by hackers, occurs without Early Warning
While cyberattack occurs, Spider Solutions’ CIRT, consisting of carefully chosen cyber experts and veteran data systems specialists, provides a rapid and professional response.

International CERT (Computer Emergency Response Teams) regulators require organizations with extensive IT infrastructure (e.g. medical and financial records) to have an in-house dedicated rapid response team.

For other organizations, CERT regulators often recommend relying on external services, provided by CIRTs to handle data security and cyber events.

The reasons for which organizations find themselves under attack are many and varied. Here are some of the most pervasive:

  • Business expansion and growth necessitating changes in the IT array exposes any organization to cyber attack
  • High prevalence of sophisticated and widespread break-in tools among hackers
  • Asymmetrical warfare: highly skilled, determined hackers on the one hand, IT departments who are busy with current technological and operation duties – on the other.

Cyber-attack – how will your organization cope at the moment of truth?

Spider Solutions’ Cyber Incident Response Team operates based on the US Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERT) methodology, which is the leading practice among the “Big Four″.

Our Cyber Incident Response Team is on call 24/7. Upon arrival on site, the team immediately follows the protocol methodically:

  • Receiving the information from the client
  • Investigating the event: identifying its type and intensity
  • Prioritizing missions (in case of multi-directional or repeated attacks)
  • Analysis, finding the best course of action
  • Execution: taking all necessary steps to halt the current attack immediately
  • Documentation and report
  • Hand Over: turning the subsequent handling of the event over to the client (briefing, guidance, follow-up and so on)

In crucial moments of a cyber-attack which could paralyze an organization and seriously harm and damage it – Spider Solutions’ Cyber Incident Response Team can be a real game changer!

Possible benefits of CIRT:

  • Rapid identification of the attack (Who)
  • Initial damage assessment (What)
  • Accelerating the whole process of halting the cyber-attack and preventing rapid escalation (expanding damage, further contamination, press and media leaks)
  • Analysis and preliminary recommendations