Data Leakage Prevention (DLP)

How Secure is your organizational Data? And your clients’ data?
Data Leakage Prevention (DLP)

The Challenge

Confidential and restricted medical entries, clients’ personal details, as well as internal organizational figures such as business plans, bids, advertising and marketing campaigns, patented and trademark secrets, employees’ salaries, production plans and so on, which are all closely guarded in the framework of companies’ databases, could leak out of their computer networks arrays and find their way to the wrong hands.

 From this point on, it’s a short and slippery slope to a huge catastrophe, to the organization’s finances and reputation.

Classifying sensitive data, restricting it and preventing it from leaking now constitutes a real challenge for any CIO or CISO, in particular when it comes to balancing the speed accessibility of important data to organizational executives and employees on the one hand, and safeguarding the database and securing it from a dangerous leak, on the other.

Does the name Hervé Daniel Marcel Falciani ring any bell?

“… Hervé Daniel Marcel Falciani (42), an IT engineer at HSBC’s Swiss branch, is suspected of stealing the personal and financial data of over 130,000 of the bank’s clients in the course of several years, and transferring this data to various elements…”

The Solution

Data Leakage Prevention (DLP) system for restricting data and sensitive information and securing databases from leaks, either malicious or unwitting, and blocking it in real time.
This can be done by using either a local solution or as a cloud-based service.

Primary features

  • Identifying sensitive data (both text and graphs) and restricting it
  • Preventing critical and sensitive data from being leaked out of the organization, whether maliciously or unwittingly in real time
  • Adjustments to meeting changing requirements stemming from legislation, court orders and regulatory measures by sector (medical, financial, defense and so on)
  • Capable of ’Enemy-within’ identification – employees and executives who might be misusing company data
  • Imbedding data security policy and enforcing it

Best of Breed: Choosing the best product

After carefully exploring software vendors and existing on the shelf technologies, we at Spider Solutions have chosen as our business partners for Data Leakage Prevention products manufactured by. Forcepoint.


Spider Solutions’ service concept:

We place the highest emphasis on prompt, professional, courteous and efficient service, so we dedicate a great deal of time and resources in training our employees and certifying them by the leading software and hardware companies, our business partners.

Call center

Spider Solutions’ call center, which is on call 24/7, is fully staffed with data security engineers at our clients’ disposal.