Intrusion Prevention Systems

The challenge

Cyber-attacks are becoming more sophisticated each day as skilled hackers, equipped with state of the art internet break-in tools, take advantage of any organizational computer networks’ vulnerabilities to gain access, secure control and steal data, disrupt or delete it and eliminate files and databases.

Who is a would-be perpetrator of an attack on organizational computer networks? Competitors who are after insider information, traders in stolen data, hackers who are in it for the thrill of besting the technological challenge, employees, clients, disgruntled providers, hackers who are politically or ideologically motivated – the list simply goes on and on.

Cyber news:

“The central billing system of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, comprising 24 hotels worldwide, was hacked. The perpetrators stole the group’s clients’ credit card history, which is now up for grabs on the Dark Net the Internet black market…”

The Solution

An IPS system featuring a protective layer compliments the Firewall and other data security components into one integrated solution keeping at bay all threats to the organization’s critical data.

The Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) in fact comprises the primary technological solution, which, upon being installed correctly and maintained properly, can monitor hostile elements’ unauthorized access attempts into the organizational network and neutralize them in real-time.

Primary features

  • Identifying Denial of Service attacks (DOS) and DDOS attacks, which are capable of paralyzing the company’s websites or primary applications
  • Stopping Zero Day attacks
  • Monitoring traffic irregularities within the organization IT network and identifying them
  • Special and accurate vulnerabilities-based identification mechanism for attack signatures
  • Ability to identify malware which do not have a recognized signature
  • Broadband support, full hardware redundancy

Best of Breed: choosing the best product:

After carefully exploring software vendors and existing on the shelf technologies, we at Spider Solutions have chosen as our business partners for Intrusion Prevention System manufactured by. Check Point.


Spider Solutions’ service concept:

We place the highest emphasis on prompt, professional, courteous and efficient service, so we dedicate a great deal of time and resources in training our employees and certifying them by the leading software and hardware companies, our business partners.

Call center

Spider Solutions’ call center, which is on call 24/7, is fully staffed with data security engineers at our clients’ disposal.