Spider Solutions’ service guarantee consists of the organization’s core values and the company’s executives and employees’ commitment to provide a professional, rapid, efficient and courteous service to all clients. The service guarantee also brings across the core values of Spider Solutions’ activity in order to assure customer satisfaction.

We, Spider Solutions’ employees, are fully committed to the values laid down in the following service guarantee and hereby pledge:

  • To continue exploring data security solutions by the world’s leading developers
  • To tailor for each client the proper solution for its business environment
  • To serve our clients and respond rapidly, credibly, professionally and politely
  • To evolve professionally, personally and organizationally through updates, training sessions and qualification courses at the world’s leading software developers
  • To conduct ourselves truthfully, responsibly and cautiously in the framework of all dealings and service providing
  • To respond promptly, kindly and effectively to any incoming contact to the service center and to provide professional, trustworthy and credible information to all our clients.

Signed: Spider Solutions’ employees: