Vulnerabilities Assessments, Penetration Tests

The organizational computer environment, which is always on, features major advantages – but it also poses data security risks which could seriously undermine the organization’s ongoing activity, cause, a major loss in revenue, customers churn on a massive scale and damage its reputation.

Anyone who attempts to compromise an organization’s sensitive data, to reproduce it, garble or destroy it, would usually look for the easiest way in, the open vulnerability in the framework of the IT network, the weakest, most exposed point facilitating a break-in.

Oftentimes, weaknesses and vulnerabilities unfold following a new software version is launched and introduced in the organization. Sometimes, the weakness point enabling the hackers their opportunity, is the result of frequent changes in the IT array.

Human hackers attacks as well as robotic ones (Botnets) are designed to systematically scan organizational and company IT arrays for weaknesses and vulnerabilities, which are constantly changing and evolving.

The challenge:

Preventing the organization’s data from being compromised due to weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the IT systems.

The solution:

Spider Solutions features a vulnerabilities assessment service, providing penetration tests simulating attacks on the organization’s computer network, at pre-arranged frequencies. This is done with the client’s consent after studying their security requirements and business environment, and mapping their respective risks accordingly.

Frequent penetration tests significantly improve the level of the organization security and reduce exposure to security breaches.

Vulnerabilities Assessment Service – advantages:

  • Organizational data is better guarded: this service anticipated attacks before they occur, thereby reducing the risk of revenue loss, and damage to the organization’s reputation
  • Shortening the exposure interval to existing vulnerabilities
  • Dynamic scan – updated on a daily basis, it is always vigilant, checking for the latest known vulnerabilities
  • No need to for software or hardware installation
  • Reports: a detailed report featuring the list of vulnerabilities complete with recommendations for fixing them