Safe Surfing Web Security

Web security” or: How many working hours does the organization waste on surfing the social media?

The challenge

For most employees and executives, surfing the Internet at work is part of their everyday routine. So much so, that business is unimaginable without it, and so organizations have to allow their employees to use the Internet to get information the organization requires: financial data, commercial information, legal information and so on.

Even surfing social media, news and lifestyle websites while at work and or using company resources for this is usually not strictly forbidden, if reasonably measured, nor is it perceived as harmful or inappropriate. Nevertheless, what about adult websites? Or gambling?

Improper (and sometimes illegal) use by the organization’s employees of the local computing infrastructure often expose the company to potential lawsuits and loss of valuable working hours.

Many websites use ActiveX, Flash and Java, which feature engaging visual, but at the same time pose risks stemming from files with malicious code being downloaded as they surf.

In early 2015, Congressman Mark Meadows (R-NC) introduced the Eliminating Pornography from Agencies Act, which would prohibit federal employees from accessing pornographic or explicit material on government computers and devices.

The Solution:

A system which would prevent access to suspicious websites. This system is linked to the vendors’ databases which receives real-time updates concerning virus and malware signatures. Web Security solutions help minimize the introduction of malicious code into the organizational network, thereby saving the complexities of installing proxy gateway.

Main features:

  • Blocking malware and harmful content from penetrating the organizational network
  • Prevention of surfing to known phishing websites and malware sources
  • Blocking the use of applications with security issues
  • Ongoing database updates about new malicious codes
  • Safe Surfing: alerts about improper use of organizational infrastructure and blocking users

Best of Breed: choosing the best product:

After carefully exploring software vendors and existing on the shelf technologies, we at Spider Solutions have chosen as our business partners for Web Security products manufactured by Forcepoint & Symantec.


Spider Solutions’ service concept:

We place the highest emphasis on prompt, professional, courteous and efficient service, so we dedicate a great deal of time and resources in training our employees and certifying them by the leading software and hardware companies, our business partners.

Call center

Spider Solutions’ call center, which is on call 24/7, is fully staffed with data security engineers at our clients’ disposal.