Strong Authentication Solutions

When username & password are no longer enough: Strong Authentication Solutions

The Challenge

It has become so amazingly easy to steal usernames and passwords, replicate them and trade them on the internet, that data security managers are constantly losing sleep over this. Another cause for concern is the fact that many users tend to repeat the same passwords for different systems, or opt for simple, trivial passwords anyone can guess.

Organization which only require a username & password to enter the corporate network, that stores the organization’s sensitive data in fact run a huge economic and reputation risk: a hostile hacker using someone else’s credentials for gaining unauthorized entry is only a matter of time.

A leading data security blog recently ran this piece:

Leading US organized crime elements have taken to use botnets for stealing usernames & passwords – which they are now selling to the highest bidder.

The Solution – Two Factor Authentication

Verifiable user identification (authentication) prior to his or her entry into the organization is perquisite for data security. This “What you know and What you have” approach combines ’what the user knows’ (his or her own username & password) and what the user has to enter – a software- or hardware-based mechanism of changing numbers. This is used as another means of authentication (aka ’time token’).

Primary Features

  • Guarantees authenticated entry into the organizational network or to the data devices (desktops, laptops smartphones and so on) store
  • Saves the need to rely on physical devices
  • Option for generating one-time SMS passwords
  • Cloud based installation and imbedding – saves having to install dedicated hardware or software
  • RADIUS-based interfacing with existing security arrays

Best of Breed: choosing the best product:

After carefully exploring software vendors and existing on the shelf technologies, we at Spider Solutions have chosen as our business partners for Strong Authentication Solutions products manufactured by. Symantec, Secure Envoy, RSA, Vasco, Safenet.

symantec securenvoy RSA  safenet

Spider Solutions’ service concept:

We place the highest emphasis on prompt, professional, courteous and efficient service, so we dedicate a great deal of time and resources in training our employees and certifying them by the leading software and hardware companies, our business partners.

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Spider Solutions’ call center, which is on call 24/7, is fully staffed with data security engineers at our clients’ disposal.