Mobile Devices Security

The Challenge

We are always connected: we use Wi-Fi or an internet connection provided by our cellular carrier to connect smartphones, tablets or laptops.

We use our devices to touch base with friends and families on social media websites, reply to emails from work, use business apps or check up on the weather in the upcoming days.

The portable devices we all carry meet our communication requirements, personal and business alike, but they also expose our access to organizational data to significant risks.

Losing your device, or when someone steals your mobile, means an instant data security problem – given the potential for misusing it as a means to gain access to the organizational network as well as a means to steal the data your device stores.



“Already since the beginning of 2015, over 75% of all mobile apps are expected to fail the most basic data security tests… over 90% of businesses use third party apps whose development paid little or no attention to data security aspects… in 2017, most cyberattacks on- and hacks into- data networks will either use mobile devices or target them…”

The Solution

A simple app for the mobile device (any smartphone, tablet or laptop) ’filters through’ access to organizational and corporate data in a controlled and secured way, separating it from personal user-data and encrypting the business data the device stores.

An employee whose device has a data security app will use it to gain rapid and secure access to the organization’s email server, to online data directories, to dedicated business software as well as other corporate data assets.

Primary Features

  • Separating the user’s personal information from corporate / organization data
  • Convenient, rapid and secure access from any device (smartphones, tablets or laptops) to the organizational network
  • Identify hack attempts into the device and the local encrypted data
  • Access denial ability and remote destruction – for devices that had gotten lost or stolen
  • Business data encryption for mobile devices
  • User and usage control and oversight

Best of Breed: Choosing the best product:

After carefully exploring software vendors and existing on the shelf technologies, we at Spider Solutions have chosen as our business partners for Mobile Device Security products manufactured by: Check Point’s Capsule.


Spider Solutions’ service concept:

We place the highest emphasis on prompt, professional, courteous and efficient service, so we dedicate a great deal of time and resources in training our employees and certifying them by the leading software and hardware companies, our business partners.

Call center

Spider Solutions’ call center, which is on call 24/7, is fully staffed with data security engineers at our clients’ disposal.